Top 5 Tips for Time Management

I’ve heard it time and time again. I never have enough time for anything, let alone to start my novel. Time our most precious commodity is our life is never within our reach. Most people live in a world where other people tell them how to use their time, well here are some tips on getting back some of YOUR time for you.

1. Organize the Mess and De-clutter.

Look at your surroundings, that includes your desk. If it’s a mess, than you might find that you spend a lot of wasted time looking for things. Don’t get me wrong, I know some people operate very well with messy desk, but for the majority of people, things get lost.

The best system I have found that I personally use is to put things that belong together in binders and then stick the binders in a place that you can access daily. If you get in the habit of keeping like things together, when you need something, you wont spend valuable time searching for it. Also don’t be afraid to throw out papers and things that you no longer use. One suggestion, is if you are afraid to throw out a paper because you might need it later, take a picture of it and put it into a digital file

2. Plan Out your Day the Night Before.

This is a simple thing, but highly effective. Take at least 5 minutes the night before to think of everything that you MUST get done the next day. Then write out exactly what time you plan on doing each activity. Remember to give yourself a little extra time with each. Nothing is worse than falling behind because you underestimated how much time it would take. Also write down one thing that if you have extra time in the schedule that you would LIKE to do. This will be your reward if you finish the activities of the day.

3.Focus on What’s Important First.

We are pulled in so many different directions with everything and everyone, including social media wanting our time. It’s that constant, pay attention to me, but this will cost you the most time. You need to train yourself to look at your list for the day and focus first on the most important task that you have. Don’t do anything else, until the task is complete.

4.Stop Procrastinating!

Oh procrastination, our crazy little friend. This little guy (and yes, I’m making him a guy…lol) is the biggest time waster. He likes to trick you into doing things that don’t matter so you don’t have to do what you have been putting off. He’s sneaky, and in the end he wins because you wasted a bunch of time on meaningless activities and now the task is still there waiting there. So…recognize this when it happens and then take baby steps to complete the task you are procrastinating on doing. And don’t forget to reward yourself along the way.

5. Find a Way to Combine Simple Task.

I know…I know, you are like, WAIT! You said in number 3 to focus and only do 1 thing at a time and now you are telling me to combine task. Yes, they are both true in their own ways. For number 3, you need to focus on the major things, like dealing with money or landing an account. But for this tip, it’s all about the small things. If you need to drive every day, why not combine it with listening to some great podcast. Another example, if you want to exercise but feel like you have no time, combine it with watching television or at least do it during the commercials.


I hope this list has helped you. Please feel free to comment and let me know how it’s going or if you have any great tips to add.

To your success,

Karen Brueggeman

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Are You Just Going Through the Emotions of Life With Beliefs that Were Given to You.



Do you ever wonder about your life?

Do you ever question what your purpose is?

Are you successful? If yes or no, was the definition of success something you came up with or was this another person’s belief?

So many times in life, we go day to day just going through the emotions of life without ever questioning them.

Well today, I want it to be different for you. I want you to start questioning your life and your beliefs. Look at everything you do and say, then ask yourself where you learned these.

For most people, they discover that most of their beliefs where given to them by their parents, teachers, friends, or just society in general. We are told from a young age what to think, feel and believe. Now, don’t get me wrong some of these beliefs are good, like don’t touch the stove or you will get burned. But many are limiting,  like someone of authority (teacher or parent) telling you that you are lazy or will never amount to anything.

So this week, I would like you to question everyone of your beliefs that was given to you.

Someone gave society the belief of eating 3 meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner), but maybe this belief doesn’t work for you. Maybe for you eating 5 mini meals is better.

Get rid of the beliefs that hinder you or tell you that you won’t be successful. Give yourself permission to have new beliefs that are positive and encouraging.

Here are some examples:

I am a successful person.

I can accomplish anything that I put my mind to as long as I never give up and work toward my goals.

Here’s to your success,